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– You’ve a few gigs at Sonar soon – how much are you looking forward to them?
Actually this will be my first time and I’m really happy to be part of it, thanks to my agency who put this together so we can all have a great WILDE Agency Showcase @ The Apartment and of course it is a great place and date where you meet friends and great people all around the world.

– You’ve really burst on to the scene recently, but what do you consider your finest moment to date?
Most of the time, I’m just grateful for anything that happens with a good reason and makes me feel happy, a fine moment is when I can spread what I feel trough my music to the crowd and they really get it, but of course there are always in’s and out’s so let’s see what happens next.

– And when did you first encounter electronic music? What was it about the sound that so appealed to you?
I think like somewhere in 2008 and 2009, I got into a wide range of electronic music genre at first until I have slowly found that point where I thought will be the sound that I’m really into, so definitely took me some time to do and choose exactly what I wanted to.

– So how was Romania for house music when you were growing up? Why do you think so many great producers are coming out of the area recently?
House music was always in there I guess and was pretty difficult to get inside the whole scene at that point, you could just watch carefully and observe everything of it,  from some club corners be it from your bedroom.. and for me as an observer living in a small city, was pretty hard so this is why I looked to find a new way to get attention and to be able to be apart of everything. Then I started producing music and get some tracks out there. I think good producers that are looking for what they love and they wanna do, no matter what part of the world are you coming from, will always got a nice spot, there is place for everyone, for anything you desire, as long as you are doing it with passion.

– A lot’s talked about the Romanian sound and scene thanks to the likes of Sunwaves and Krystal. What makes it so special in your eyes?
It is special because there is a wave that makes You feel special, during this time, you see a lot of people from around the world, everyone is happy, smiling, dancing and in there with the whole atmosphere, of course there are always great line-up’s at every scene, with great artists that helps making it special, so anyone who loves electronic underground music should come and take part of it, it’s the only way you can get it.

– So are the guys like Raresh and Rhadoo etc very influential to you? Who else were/are in the Romanian scene?
I don’t think they are influential to me at all,  but I definitely respect them and appreciate the hard work they done for our scene as they are/were some of the leading artists for years now as well as Livio & Roby, but I think will always be in with my own influential way.
Other guys that are in and I do have a big appreciation level for, would be Mihai Popoviciu, Cosmin TRG, NTFO and another few..

– And whereabouts are you based now? Any plans to leave?
At the moment I’m based in Bucharest, I moved here 2 years ago but I’m kind off looking forward to another step, not 100% sure when or where, but probably will be Berlin, will see.

– What are your favourite memories of growing up with house music in Romania? When did you start to take production seriously?
Mermories, hmm, the ones where I was just an observer and tried to be into, those were kinda funny memories as I’m thinking of now actually 
I started taking production much more seriously somewhere at the end of 2011 – 2012 after a while I got a bit of a break, not really sure why then I woke up as being somewhere in the mid of 2013 so I started on with stuffs again but I think the most, most seriously will just about to come as at the moment I’m doing so much studio time than never before.

– And what are your thoughts on the EDM scene that’s currently pervading the US?
You know, there are scenes for everyone, tastes and colors are not to discuss. To my ear it is a bit overwhelmed and for me almost every track sounds the same, there are no difference between but I don’t really care of this side so I’m just looking for what I like and I’m sure we will always have the underground scene.

– Your latest EP is out now on Subjekt. Can you talk us through the production here? I.e. how it was made/the production etc?
There should be two tracks in this EP but I was not really happy with the second one so when I sent the track to Kevin (label owner) he really liked it and we agreed to just keep “In And Out” and include a remix.
The track at first was created by the whole guitars/bass lines which got into my mind at that day, then I just started recording it and after every other sound just got to follow.

– Do you generally go into the studio knowing what you’re going to do? Or do you just jam and see what happens?
I don’t know what about others but I have to assure you that most of the producers are not knowing what they are going to do, unless a great line or idea got into your head and you are able to get those on application right on. So sometimes I can be at home listening music and an idea just comes from out of the shadow, then I open Logic and try making those lines so I can have them saved, then when I go to the studio I can just take it from there but most of the time ideally talking as basic lines where to start, I just go with no knowledge of what is going to happen so, yes, I go with the flow and when I’m happy with something, then I can go further.

– And how did you end up having Tim Paris remix it? You must be delighted with the results?
Actually I didn’t really knew he was going to remix it, one day Kevin just asked me if I’m okay having a remix by Tim, of course I was because I really like his stuffs and he definitely made a fantastic job on this one.  Thanks Tim! Once again.

– What’s next in line for you after this release? Have you a busy summer ahead?
Definitely going trough a lot of new things at the moment, there some stuffs coming in the next month’s, a single called “200 Critters” that will be out on 5th June on a short compilation “WILDE Lust” on my agencies label, then I have a new EP called “Sleepwalker” coming out on the 17th July on Jargon a label owned by my friends NTFO, there are a few remixes for Citizen Kain, Djuma Soundsystem, Raphael Murillo, Mijail Mitrovic & Imperio plus some other releases that I wanna keep for later.
And of course there are also great gigs coming..

Interview by James Cuz


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