Attemporal ‘Att 5 / Att 6’

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Artist: Attemporal
Title: Att 5 / Att 6
Remixer: Deep Space Helsinki, Echologist
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Label: ATT Series
Release Date: July 23rd (Vinyl), August 6th (Digital), 2013
Distribution: Press & Play (Digital), DECKS (Physical)
A1. Att 5
A2. Att 5 (Deep Space Helsinki Remix)
B1. Att 6
B2. Att 6 (Echologist No Compromise Dub)

Again ATT Series comes with a great techno weapon!

This time Attemporal guys present a couple of tracks between classic, raw and futuristic sound as they usually do. On the remixes Brendon Moeller as Echologist and the new project from finland >Deep Space Helsinki< signed by Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti.

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