Audiomatiques ‘Bad Touch’

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Artist: Audiomatiquesmkt021
Title: Bad Touch
Label: MKT Rec.
Cat. #: MKT021
Release Date: November 2012
1. Bad Touch – Audiomatiques
2. Be Quiet – Audiomatiques
3. Black Mamba – Audiomatiques

The unmissable engagement with Audiomatiques stuff returns on MKT Records, they come back with a fresh release to let join us their eclectic and avant-garde sound. Fans, Deejays and the same Label Boss Markantonio are very satisfied for the well done work of the last two years made by the enterprising Duo, that are now ready to present us a high quality project . “Bad Touch” EP is the name of this exciting release formed by “Be Quiet” already known by label fans for its exclusive appearance on MKT compilation plus two new tracks never heard before.
First one has a straight drum kit, and the bassline is really warm but flexing too. Sourrounder Synth is like an high speed train riding in a crazy run, not many words to describe this amazing dancefloor bomb, just dance and feel the “Bad Touch”.
“Be Quiet” and pay attention to a Perfect elements mix, where the elastic Groove and the gorgeous Synth drag the listener to a Space dimension. An explosion in the middle of the track take the people jump up, so welcome to the extraterrestrial techno movement.
“Black Mamba” has a real heavy Groove, the drum session is smooth but very fast and alternating sound effects in background follow the aggressive rolling Synth. Nice instrumental Techno bomb, a sophisticated dancefloor gear of course.
Audiomatiques still develop their skills, growing up an infusion of Neapolitan Techno shades and lot of minimal and electronic influences. Of course a perfect sounds mix for MKT that reaches the target as best as it can.


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