Audiomatiques ‘Loose Control’

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184352Artist: Audiomatiques
Title: Loose Control
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LRLTD002
Release Date: 30-9-2016
Loose Control (Original Mix)
Loose Control (Giancarlo Lanza Remix)
Welcome Back

Unleashing another collaboration in their Loose LTD camp, Audiomatiques and Loose Records’ new “Loose Control” EP is set to show the world yet again what Italy’s techno scene is capable of creating. Marco Conte, operating under the Audiomatiques name, aimed to cover more minimal, slow pitch techno, and tech house with this anthology, the second in the A&Red series. This new collection of three original songs, as well as a remix of the title track by Italian giant Giancarlo Lanza, has something for everybody: ingenuity, new twists on classic sounds, and undeniable danceability.

Loose Control Intro – Nailing the beat hard, building the house that the rest of the song and the whole album are going to fill. The ride turns to towering soon after, sending long echoes knocking down from heights that pull listeners up and up. Starting on a high note, the track sets and embraces the stage masterfully for the rest of the collection.

Loose Control (Original Mix) – The right sound doesn’t need much added on to it, and good minimalist songs embrace the challenge of constructing a lot from a little. This track does exactly that: a few choice drums, clapping, and good vocals lift the bulk of an incredible song, the rest is expertly subtle, giving listeners a pure simplicity all along the way.

Loose Control (Giancarlo Lanza Remix) – Background static like a gentle rain provides a fitting backdrop for scratching beats, electric currents, and wooden percussion that surround listeners in a forest of surprises and energy. As if that wasn’t enough, the beat veers off course after the midway point, firing on more trance-inclined terrain to keep the crowd on its toes.

Welcome Back – Watery-sounding beats prop up a tech-house escapade here, which then proceeds to explore all kinds of strange effects, playful bounds, and vocals that add up to a feverish track one can’t help but move to. Danceable, fun, and solidly repeatable, the outro does not disappoint on this incredible collection.


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