lr053Artist: Audiomatiques
Title: Next Stop Remixes
Remixers: Roberto Capuano, Cosmic Boys, Raffaele Rizzi, De La Swing, Aaaron Bessemer, Dexon
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR053
Release Date: 8-7-2016
Loose Records is set to release a collection of six reinterpretations of Audiomatiques tracks with their newest mini album “Next Stop Remixes.” Bringing together the likes of Roberto Capuano, Cosmic Boys and Raffaele Rizzi, among others, the new collaboration shows just how far today’s talent can push an already-hard hitting sound. The grooves run as deeply as the world has come to expect from Italy’s burgeoning electronic scene, and this collection testifies to the imaginative powers of some of its best practitioners to keep pushing the genre past limits and into a lasting place in our love for great music.

The Seventh Sense (Roberto Capuano remix) – Fierce female vocals slingshot this track into high gear at surprising turns here, escalating the quickness of the beat with some true creativity on the part of Capuano. Listeners will be intoxicated by the journey at play, sca ing from the groundbreaking to the skyrocketing in a way that makes the 7:45 length fly by here.

Let’s Go (Cosmic Boys remix) – The vocals on this track warn of a nightmare around the corner, but the dream of a tech-house dance floor banger is alive and well through Cosmic Boys’ expert touch. Clapping effects and old-school synthesizer love keeps this song in that sweet spot of danceable artistry from beginning to end.

Next Stop (Raffaele Rizzi remix) – Bounces out with an enthusiasm that is excessively contagious, no one is going to be able to sit still when this kind of energy shoots out from the get-go. Rizzi ups the ante with some delicious surprises as he rises into some gigantic house-inspired effects, setting the air on fire with a powerful discernment for what it means to make a hit.

ECAI (Aaaron Bessemer remix) – Stomping like some gleeful giant, this track wears an intricate mix of heavy basslines and chattering drums with pride, asserting a sharp ear for what is going to get the crowds turned up. The echoing effects are put to especially keen use beneath the drums, making for a lasting impression that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Rainbow (De la Swing remix) – The alien-inspired tricks at play here are going to keep listeners on their toes as more and more inventive twists are piled atop the bassline. Progressive in a way that is going to impress party-goers and artists alike, there is much to love when an artist stands out with some truly original takes on the original.

Fusion (Dexon remix) – What seems like beating bamboo takes the intro into some fascinating territory, making way at the halfway point into a rising beast of a sound that captivates as much as it gets the body moving. Trance and tech house influences are on full display, guaranteed to please any crowd regardless of their tastes.


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