Ave Blaste ‘Full Taste EP’

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Artist: Ave BlasteKSR002
Title: Full Taste EP
Remixer: Max Chapman / Kitsch & Sync
Label: Kitsch & Sync Recordings
Cat. #: KSR002
Release Date: 10/12/12
1. Ave Blaste – Full Taste
2. Ave Blaste – Full Taste (Max Chapman Remix)
3. Ave Blaste – Sleep Talking
4. Ave Blaste – Sleep Talking (Kitsch & Sync Remix)

London’s Kitsch & Sync imprint drops it’s second release in December, an EP by London-based Frenchman; Ave Blaste entitled ‘Full Taste’ which features remixes from Max Chapman and the Kitsch & Sync team themselves. Kitsch & Sync’s first release helped firm up the crew’s reputation as producers, building on their work as DJs on the London scene over the past few years. The inaugural release, an EP by the Kitsch & Sync guys, saw promising enthusiasm from the likes of Droog, James Teej, Dusky, James Fox and Huxley, so the scene has been set nicely.

For KSR002, Ave Blaste has been drafted in to deliver two original tracks. The title track ‘Full Taste’ sees the young producer, a contributor to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings no less, deliver a UK Garage inflected banger that makes full use of its airy, soulful vocals refrains, while adding a myriad of dense, melodic elements. Max Chapman’s mix retains the distinct UK vibe but takes on a moodier, more stripped back stance, summed up nicely by the simple but hugely effective FM bass hit that drops menacingly throughout.

Blaste’s ‘Sleep Talking’ shows off more of his adept use of layered synths and carefully treated vocals, creating an emotive slice of ever-evolving, modern deep house that, with its skillful arrangement, shows real depth. Kitsch & Sync finish the package themselves with a delicate, ethereal take on ‘Sleep Talking’ that counterpoints its dreamy keys and dubbed vocals with some clever use of grittier sounds and occasional overdrive. All in all, ‘Full Taste’ is an EP that proudly displays its musicality, while never taking it’s eyes off the floor – whatever the time of night.

Ave Blaste – ‘Full Taste’ EP by Kitsch & Sync


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