Baba Stiltz ‘Total’

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BARN026Artist: Baba Stiltz
Title: Total
Label: Studio Barnhus (SW)
Format: Album LP
Cat. #: BARN026
Release Date: 13 October 2014
1. Baba Stiltz – Missing
2. Baba Stiltz – Reality Sparks
3. Baba Stiltz – Rain Dance
4. Baba Stiltz – Sun Dance
5. Baba Stiltz – Ja Rule
6. Baba Stiltz – Golden Eye
7. Baba Stiltz – Aches
8. Baba Stiltz – Drone Zone
9. Baba Stiltz – Weeeb
10. Baba Stiltz – Hotel Exile
11. Baba Stiltz – Quest 1
12. Baba Stiltz – Discovery – New Dawn

Baba Stiltz hails from a tradition of funky outcasts centred around the calm yet unpredictable city of Stockholm. Since his infant days he’s been guided through the nitty-gritty basics of what it is to be a true music lover by Stockholm’s most prolific artists. Total is Baba’s debut album. From the opening machine-funk arpeggio of Missing to the sanguine melancholia of closing hiphop beat Discovery ? New Dawn, the album rides through psychedelic screw-pop, minimalistic acid and ambient. Studio Barnhus is proudly presenting it to the world!


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