Bad Apple ‘Lex Gorrie’

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Artist: Bad Apple
Title: Lex Gorrie
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT047
Release Date: 27-05-2013
1) Bad Apple – Lex Gorrie
2) Bad Apple (Loco & Jam Rmx) – Lex Gorrie
3) Doom – Lex Gorrie
4) Conspyracy – Lex Gorrie For

The assembly line of the most important Techno Factory in Italy is always loading colossal products on the market. Analytic Trail is the right example of what can be defined the “Finest Techno Music dealer”, as always there are no doubts on the flawless work of label Boss Markantonio that puts in game only superlative stuff. It’s time of Lex Gorrie, a British producer well known as label owner of “Sleaze Records” founded with his brother Stephen (Hans Bouffmyhre), Lex is proud to bring us to discover a cool EP called “Bad Apple” that includes three original tracks and one remix of Loco & Jam. This special Duo doesn’t need to be introduced, Loco & Jam are already well known on Italian ground for their last EP “Titus” on the same Analytic Trail, release number 044.

“Bad Apple” is the first track and namesake of the EP, made by a dark bassline with a powerful and heavy kick. Synth shot is the main element of the track supported by a strong hi hats session, the break phase is a spacey Techno journey when the listener can catch and enjoy the beat.

It’s time of remix with new Loco & Jam’s of “Bad Apple”, the underground touch is still alive in this version, noisy effects under the energetic bassline mixed with a Detroit Techno Synth. This is exactly what you can feel in this remix, an explosion of fat techno kick and strong drum elements.

“Doom” is the third one, is an impressive deep and dark experience, where a weighty kick is pushing on everything till the rise of the synth. Hi hats and rides sessions are always the engine of the track powered by a gorgeous bassline making of this tune a special dark Techno bomb.

It’s “Conspiracy” the closing track of this project, that resume the essence of this powerful Techno release, a dark rhythm moves on with a funk bassline, drum session it’s super aggressive and everything is surrounded by a Techno pumping Synth, just listen and dance.

Top quality music as always, Analytic Trail take us over the imagination, choosing the right producers release by release, no excuse only Techno master and young rising stars.

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