Artist: PhraktalPhraktal_LP_Artwork
Title: Why 1 Is One And 2 Is Two
Label: Bakroom
Cat. #: BAKLP01
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 27th 2015
1. Now Or Never
2. Mindshapes
3. Fusion
4. Hanging Around Corners
5. System Error
6. Why 1 Is One And 2 Is Two
7. Transfer
8. XXII Ely
9. Resonance

The Irish duo Phraktal set up for March the launch of their new label Bakroom, and the first release will be their album “Why 1 Is One And 2 Is Two”.
Apart the intro and outro electronica tracks, the main kind of styles which affect the songs are deep house and progressive house, with some tech house and dub techno contaminations.
In the overall the main sound is soft and never banging, thing that make the album fresh and appreciable also in low volume – home environments.

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