Artist: Bas Mooy & Chris FinkeMOTE029
Title: Parallel Series 3
Label: Mote-Evolver
Format: Vinyl, Digital EP
Cat. #: Mote 029
Release Date: May 28th, 2012
Distribution: N.E.W.S. Distribution
A1. Bas Mooy – ‘Howl’
A2. Bas Mooy – ‘Wesp’
AA1. Chris Finke – ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’
AA2. Chris Finke – ‘Euphemism’

Mote-Evolver pushes electronic music into new territory once again with the Parallel Series, where each release hosts two formidable artists on one vinyl. The 3rd installment of the series comes from two well respected reference points in the international techno scene: Bas Mooy and Chris Finke.

Their sound identities compare and compliment, contrast and challenge each other, creating a wordless dialogue across the two sides of the record.

Bas Mooy opens the record on no uncertain terms, ‘Howl’ is a force to be reckoned with. A1 is built on a deep bed, fortified with industrial clanging and layered with off-kilter asides. The atmosphere that emerges is brilliantly sinister. On A2 ‘Wesp’ – which translates from the Dutch to ‘wasp’ – Bas Mooy has adopted the ruthless focus of this insect, the track swoons in and out but the intent is clear, to create music capable of destroying a dance floor.

The flip side of Mote029 is in the very capable hands of Chris Finke. The UK veteran’s B1 ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’ begins with all guns blazing and to the driving bass line he adds swung beats, insistent hats and the result is six relentless minutes that are optimised for peak-time club listening. B2 ‘Euphemism’ is techno that’s both dark, hard and harbouring a background haunted with subtleties. Chris Finke fills ‘Euphemism’ with such fine details that it’s impossible not to reach for headphones. And it’s exactly this tension that the Parallel Series explores, electronic music that demands to be heard not just loudly, but also very closely.


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