Basti Grub ‘Primavera’

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Artist: Basti GrubCoverArtworkWeb_BastiCD02_BastiGrub-_PRIMAVERA
Title: Primavera
Label: Hoehenregler
Release Date: 2012-10-09
Formats: Cd Album , Digital Album
Holding On
Mirando Al Sol (feat. Andres Zarzuela)
La Paz
La Menor
Me Sabila

Primavera”: blossoming in the cosy home studio set somewhere in the idyllic hilly landscape near Frankfurt, this second long player released on Basti Grub´s very own imprint Hoehenregler is his spiritual homecoming. A musical renaissance flow(er)ing on the fertile ground of Basti Grub´s imagination, “Primavera” invites to step into the magical, introverted world of mantralike techhouse… and guides the listener atmospherically through nine handcrafted mind- and bodymoving gems jammed with exhuberance, life, imagination, instruments and vocals. Tracks like “Holding On” and “La Paz fluctuate in a different rhythm, colors and perception shift and set the pace for beloved jungle house party moments: recorded somewhere between Kenya and Chile, sounds, voices, drums and instruments were meticulously collected and polished to play a very special role somewhere on this homogeneous journey. Befriended artists like Andres Zarzuela and Daria who has worked with Basti Grub on quite a few occasions, turn singers and, with their voices and songs, add on to the special vibe of the album. Basti Grub loves to dabble with out-of-boundary sounds, styles and rhythms, rare track titles and surprising combinations, making the exotic sound domestic and the domestic cool. His forthright, joyful attempts to take the seriousness out of the contemporary music scene do not stop him from sounding seriously solid, creating multi-facetted tracks that do not seek to be fashionable but reflect deep playfulness and sincere personal pursuit of expression in a contemporary manner. Celebrating the exhuberance of sound from different parts of the planet, he gathers what catches his ear – the freaky afterhour conversation about pizza in “Journey” being the best example – and weaves everything into a quirky yet calming stream of perception. The full-grown musician is led by passion and personal taste: Swing, reggae and an aching desire to be able to speak and understand Spanish are some of the vital ingredients of Basti´s music. The exotic producer found recognition for his releases on his own imprint Höhenregler as well as hot beds like Desolat, Cocoon, Movida, Suara Records, Compost, International Freakshow, Style Rockets, Dame Music, etc, as well as revolting the scene with his first album “Dschungelorchester”. With “Primavera”, Basti Grub stirs up the outdoor/ afternoon club fauna in love with eclecticism and novelty sound once more.


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