Bastian Bux Interview

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Hi Bastian and welcome to Different Grooves!

Your last studio work has just released on Suara – with remixes on the EP from Fur Coat and Steve Rachmad: tell us how you get in touch with such as remixer and what is the story behind ‘Lights’ ?

I think that ‘Lights’, both the Original and its remixes, appeared in a moment where my personal influences and concerns were somehow mutating and evolving at the same time where that Suara was living a dramatic transformation. This lead to a situation hard to imagine two or three years ago, such as having Fur Coat and Steve Rachmad remixing a song of mine. All credits should go to Coyu and the team behind Suara, for taking the risk of transforming what Suara has meant during the last five years to something new, fresh and risky.

You are currently one of the Elrow residents: how did you get in touch with the Elrow family?

I’ve explained this many times I think. I was starting my career as Bastian Bux and at the same time Elrow was going through the beginning of its huge expansion. They were looking for new residents, and my manager offered my profile. I was doing just a few gigs every now and then at that time, releasing my first records. They tested me, and the love story started.

Can you reveal us your feelings and emotions thinking about your next Elrow gigs at ADE and Fabrik Madrid?

I still can’t believe what I’m living every weekend, having the chance of travelling, discovering new places, playing at the best clubs of the planet, appearing in the best festivals’ line ups. You can guess what feelings and emotions this brings to me. I’ve spent my whole life dreaming about this.

2017 is running so fast and so good for you: two more important releases on world reowned imprints under your belt, with Nine Lives on Bedrock and Satara on Suara: how did you connect your music with John Digweed and Coyu?

If we speak about Bedrock, I got the chance of working with Lee Van Dowski on some ideas. After finishing them, he decided to send them to John Digweed, and he said yes! I was full of happiness when he told me that we were going to sign our stuff with his label. With Coyu it’s a way long story. We met each other some years ago, and kept in touch every now and then. After a big personal crisis I quit from music. He aimed me to start again. He helped me to do so and, since that moment, we’ve been working together.

In the next 6 months: reveal us your future studio plans and some cool gigs you are really looking forward to?

My future studio plans it to have studio time! Hahaha. My schedule is looking hectic and every day it gets harder to have some proper time to create. About the gigs, I’m really excited to come back to New York in a few weeks, my debut in Brasil and Australia… There’s a lot of exciting new gigs in the pipeline!


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