Saul Nieto “D_ Noise EP”

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Artist: Saul Nieto
Title: D_ Noise EP
Label: Bigger Deer Recordings
Cat. #: BDR041
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 30th 2013
1. Glitched Beatles (Experimental Intro) (Original Mix)
2. Dirty Noise (Original Mix)
3. Dark Noise (Original Mix)
4. 0079 (Original Mix)

Saul Nieto releases his debut EP with Bigger Deer Recordings, 4 tracks that demonstrate an understanding of texture and high definition.

‘Glitched Beatles (Experimental Intro)’ is a tool that “does what it says on the tin”.

‘Dirty Noise’ doesn’t take it’s foot off. Solid rolling beats that skip providing a very warm groove.

‘Dark Noise’ takes things to a higher place, huge crescendos, masses of moody atmosphere and very punchy drums.

‘0079’ is far more raw than the other tracks on this EP, distorted drums and lots of swing.


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