Beating Heart “South Africa”

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Beating Heart project seems unstoppable, it continues the raising money activity (for the Women’s Legal Centre and AMP Music School in SA) with a great various artists compilation.
“South Africa” sounds more contemporary than ever: the musical influences are very various, this means that musical creativity and free expression is still alive, and must be researched continuosly by everyone involved in the scene.
Alongside it will be published a sister album of the original field recordings recorded by Hugh Tracey.

Release Date: December 1st 2017

1. Muzi – People
2. Boys Ride Bikes – Somagwaza II
3.Hunrosa – Mohodo
4. The Happy Show – Lamnandi
5. Das Kapital – Durban Via Cape Town
6. The Busy Twist – Afro Carnival
7. Card On Spokes – Layers
8. Coen – Yellah VIP
9.Tru Fonix – Roar
10.SN├śW – Catch The Spirit
11.Coen – Lordship Rd
12.DJ Khalab – Mostra
13.Shawn Lee – Inkulu
14.Desert Sound Colony – Chugging for South Africa
15.Modified Man – The Country is Full of Spirits
16.Leighton Moody – Afrikan Bruino (Soulsideup Mix)
17. Dave Martian x Sio – Chasing
18. Spooky-J – Monobulaa
19. Thor Rixon – Tula Mutwana
20. Subjective – Inkolelo
21. Jakinda – Lost
22. Auntie Flo – Somagwanza
23.Dope Saint Jude x Kay Faith – 83
24. Throwing Shade – Wonderful Sushi

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