Ben Champell Interview

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In occasion of the publication of his EP “Darksome Temper” on Ballroom Records we had the occasion to have a chat with Ben Champell, a dj and producer based in Hamburg, Germany.

– Thanks for joining us Ben! How are you doing right now?
Thank you for inviting me! I am pretty fine thanks for asking. My last weekend in Berlin was really awesome with 2 amazing gigs, one of them at the legendary Sisyphos which was just incomprehensible and I met the label heads, the Ballroom crew and a lot of friends.

– Tell us about your release “Darksome Temper EP”. How was the concept born?
Well, it was not really a concept. It was more an idea which was born while I was walking towards the streets of New York City last winter. The atmosphere, the people and the spirit got me really fast. Afterwards I was sitting in the studio and the first track “Blind Passenger” was born. A few weeks later when I was travelling around the Caribbean Sea “Bring it Back” and “Experimental” came out in 2 very long studio sessions.

– How did you get in touch with Ballroom Records?
I know Markus from Kaiser Souzai now since a very long time, we were releasing on the same label in the past but we never met. In 2014 I got a phone call from his partner Alex regarding some bookings and we stood in contact since then. We personaly met for the first time on one of their Ballroom parties and it was really like to meet some good old friends. Later on we´ve been talking about their idea to found a techno music label and I asked them if they want to listen to my latest productions. So, what should I say? They liked them and since then I am part of the ballroom family.

– Have you got any other forthcoming projects you could tell us about?
There are a lot of new tracks in the pipeline, some collabs are planned and I am really looking forward to the festival season.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanks go back to you, guys. Hope to see you soon.

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