Ben Long ‘Standing Alone’

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BENLONG_COVER_V2_600x600Artist: Ben Long
Title: Standing Alone
Label: EPM Music
Format: Digital
Cat. #: EPM51
Release Date: 07 April 2017
01 Moon Walking
02 Something Strange
03 Inside My Head
04 Doors Open
05 Standing Alone
06 Simple Soul
07 Fading
08 Fire in the Hole
09 The Installer
10 Pulsus
11 Calling Broadsword
12 Sob

EPM are proud to release the debut album from long-standing UK techno DJ/producer Ben Long.

They say good things come to those who wait and some two decades (23 years to be precise) since his debut release ‘Standing Alone’ proves just that. Drawing upon a wealth of techno, electro and electronic music production experience Ben Long takes us from the gritty cavernous tunnels of techno clubland to the intricate circuit bending of the likes of Autechre and The Black Dog and back again.
However Ben Long is no stranger to the album format. As one half of the Space DJz, alongside Bandulu’s Jamie Bissmire, he collaborated on many releases including albums for Soma (On Patrol) and more recently for Advanced (Hidden Systems). As the Space DJz the duo toured the planet, causing dancefloor havoc with a multitude of single and EP releases such as ‘Zero Crossing’ (Perc Trax)’, ‘Rate of Change’ (NovaMute), Return To Earth’ (Infonet) and the classic ‘AK-47’ on their own Potential Recordingz. In fact there isn’t a techno DJ today worth their salt who hasn’t dropped a Space DJz touched production. Quite simply, Ben’s earned his chops.
As a fully paid up member of the 1980s breakdancing and graffiti fraternity, Ben’s DJing has always carried that hip hop raw edge onto the techno floor. Since his debut at London’s Brixton Academy alongside The Orb and fellow North London cohorts, Bandulu in 1990 his club CV has ticked off the globe and got the t-shirt. You name it, he’s played there.
Ben puts this longevity down to his total dedication to the art. And its this view of techno as an artform that infuses the very nucleus of his debut solo album, ‘Standing Alone’. “We all must stand alone for some reason at some point in our life. For me the time has come to do so in my music making adventure. I have made music for the last 20 years but surprisingly its taken me that long to get to the point where I feel I had it in me to take the bold step of releasing a full length album. I do not release music just for the sake of it. I do so because I believe it has purpose, it has musical quality and will stand the test of time.”
‘Standing Alone’ shows that Ben has more then one string to his bow. Although more known for his harder edged styles of club techno, here he wanted to put all his creativity into flashing some more emotive and meaningful musical styles that he feels truly represent the capabilities he has as a producer and artist. Sure we get techno tear ups like ‘Fading’, ‘Fire in the Hole’ and ‘Pulsus’ but the sonic tapestry unfolds on tracks like the downtempo abstraction of ‘Moon Walking’, ethereal beats of ‘Something Strange’ and crackled signal of ‘Calling Broadsword’. It’s this continuous mindset of pushing beyond the dancefloor that makes ‘Standing Alone’ such a fully immersive album experience.
It’s the time for Ben Long to finally stand alone.
The album is preceded by the single ‘Fading’ / ‘Calling Broadsword’ (James Ruskin Remix).


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