Between The Beats: The Martinez Brothers

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Between The Beats with The Martinez Brothers – “Not many Bronx kids get to go to Ibiza”

In RA’s third film about artists on the road, they follow Chris and Steve Martinez from their old home in The Bronx to their new one in Ibiza.

“People in The Bronx just tend to stay in The Bronx,” says Steve Martinez of The Martinez Brothers. He and his brother Chris are an exception, and their ticket out was house music. They released their first EP as baby-faced teenagers, and were a fixture on the global club circuit years before they were legally allowed in American clubs. Six years later, at 21 and 25, they’re already seasoned pros, but they still seem a little stunned by it all. In this episode of Between The Beats, we follow The Martinez Brothers on a relatively short journey (The Bronx to Chicago to Hertfordshire to Ibiza), and hear about the larger one they’ve been on since 2007


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