Artist: Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio
Title: Carpet EP
Label: E.C.I.
Format: Digital
Cat. #: ECI021
Release Date: June 19th 2013
Distribution: Intergroove
01. Carpet
02. Carpet (Subfractal Remix)
03. Carpet (Lance Blaise Remix)
04. Carpet OSC

E.C.I Korea was established in 2008 as Korea’s first techno/tech house label. Based in Seoul, Korea; ECI has become a platform for emerging talented artists in Asia to reach a global audience. Through exposure of the Asian electronic music scene to the world we hope to foster collaborations and dialogue between Western and Asian musicians. It is our aim to continue to deliver high quality, culturally distinctive, artistic dance music both nationally and internationally.

For our next “EP” release we call upon long time friends to E.C.I. American Billy Johnston & Italian Gennaro Mastrantonio. These two need no introduction & have been steadily moving up through the pro racks for a few years now. They have already contributed to the Korea scene before when they played together in Seoul back in 2011 in front of 5,000. With a current date scheduled to came back this Summer we are glad to release their first “EP” together on E.C.I.

On “Carpet EP” they give us their current version of techno w/ two cuts of raw power with one version having a unique OSC modulation for a hypnotic head trip. On the rmx tip fellow American friends SUBFRACTAL(SLEAZE, Prosthetic Pressings) who label boss UNJIN was able to play alongside of at a recent gig in NYC, and the talented Lance Blaise(Global Underground, Phobig) deliver tasty cuts with their own versions of the “EP” tracks.


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