Panorama Channel “Chloe’s Dream”

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“Chloe’s Dream” is made by the Russian duo Panorama Channel and the sonorities found in their tracks are totally stunning and magic.
“Akosua” and “Island Simple Dream” are perfect productions to be used as dj sets opener: these have got a slow velocity and a mind blowing rhythm, that accompanied with trippy synths made make them pleasant and catchy. “Kinly Estellar” presents a similar production approach but it’s more dancefloor oriented than the other tracks.

Biologic Records – February 8th 2016

A1. Akosua (Original Mix)
A2. Island Simple Dream (Original Mix)
B1. Akosua (Elijah Simmons Bells Rework)
B2. Kinly Estellar (Original Mix)


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