Biologic Records publish its first split EP featuring two cool producers: Echnonomist and Elijah Simmons.
The first two tracks has been produced by the Greece based Echonomist (who already appeared on the label), where the pure tribal and house influences are melt coherently with the long tailed bassline and main synth. “Rotation” builds slowly, but after the drop the piano melody make everything burning and very energic. “Smoke Rings” is more introspective and focussed on background and layer sounds: you can hear a lot of birds tweeting, like being inside the jungle.
The other two tracks of the EP have got the Elijah Simmons signature, who adapt a mystic and intriguing kind of sonoroties to smooth tech house rhythms. The alternative mix for “Migdal David” is more conceptual and introspective, like the artist is going deeper into the essence of things.

Biologic Records – May 19th 2016
01. Rotation
02. Smoke Rings
03. Migdal David
04. Migdal David (Tower Of David Mix)


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