Artists: Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic
Title: 313 (Detroit Calling)
Label: Bitten
Cat. #: BITTD18
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 10th 2013
1. 212
2. 313 (Detroit Calling)

Not content with the roaring success that was “American Hustle” Pleasurekraft, Jaceo and Vedic are back in the studio together and at it once again with their new collaboration, “313 (Detroit Calling)”.

No strangers to exploring the darker-edged under-belly of contemporary inner city American culture (their last effort was largely inspired by The Wire) this all star collective now turn their attention to the music scene of Detroit’s decaying factories and crumbling warehouses.

“313” is a thick slab of driving tech that perfectly captures the bristling energy and burning intensity of the city itself. Named after the area’s zip code, it is a track that launches itself forward with relentless momentum courtesy of heavy, deep bass and punching beats. The vocal once again captures the spirit of Detroit with a great spoken sample talking about how the record player became an instrument in itself. It is a true compliment to the heads down, gritty attitude of the music that blasts behind it.

The levels remain cranked for “212” a swirling, club focused tech-house workout. The bassline is wild and loose, gliding around seemingly with a life of its own as skipping hi-hats add a unique and addictive rhythm. Clever use of sound bites from Ray Winston’s brilliant performance in Sexy Beast add yet more personality into a release that is practically screaming charisma out of every orifice.

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