BLM ‘Sudden Death’

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Artist: BLM
Title: Sudden Death
Label: Secretsundaze
Cat. #: SS008
Release Date: 11th March
A1. Sudden Death
B1. Chemistry
B2. Brick

Kicking off 2013 as we mean to go on secretsundaze step up with another EP which has its feet firmly rooted to the dance floor. London based artist BLM aka Ben Micklewright has been quietly plying his trade for some time, co-running the excellent labels Fear of Flying and Sudden Drop. Both labels tastefully circumnavigate the house / techno axis to great aplomb. Producing since 2001 and running his labels since 2006, he has also released on Jus Ed’s highly acclaimed and cult imprint Underground Quality.

His Sudden Death release on secretsundaze sees the producer hit new heights with a more ballsy, direct and damn-right in your face sound. Lead and title track ‘Sudden Death’ gets straight to the point with its big kick, sharp hats and rumbling bass. Quite relentless and direct in its approach the groove is offset by a chimey brass stab. There is a short respite filled with hubbub and some subtle atmosphere but this is quickly superseded by a return to the monstrous groove. We predict big things for this track.

‘Chemistry’ is ever so slightly less in yer face but no less deadly with its slowly developing groove that draws you in. Less techno and more housey in its mentality, an organ riff builds before releasing the massive ‘Chemistry….WORK!’ sample, but this ain’t no run of the mill pseudo deep house fare but something far more striking, particularly with the release of the deadly acid line that is a high point of the track.

After two distinct dance floor offerings the b2 offers something a lot deeper but no less satisfying. ‘Brick’ is an exquisite, dreamy, lazy cut working equally at the after hours or at home and sees him employing his unique analogue sound design with warm bass line, washes of pads, crisp hats and more lush organic riffs. Fans of Smallville and the like look no further.


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