Blood & Tears ‘Blood Drone’

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lgsm010_reducedArtist: Blood & Tears
Title: Blood Drone
Label: Logism
Remixers: Allan Blomquist, Unu
Cat. #: LGSM010
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 13th 2012

1. Blood Drone Pt.1 (Original Mix)
2. Blood Drone Pt.1 (Unu Remix)
3. Blood Drone Pt.2 (Original Mix)
4. Blood Drone Pt.2 (Allan Blomquist Remix)

It is just on time for the next smashing release on swedish Logism, this time coming from Blood & Tears, already know from Nachtstrom Schallplatten. The “Blood Drone” is divided in two separate parts of finest straight Drone-Techno with massive Kickdrums and industrial elements. Beside “Part 1” is remixed by Unu, who already gave his remixing debut on Virgil Enzingers “I:CTRL” , and “Part 2” by labelhead Allan Blomquist himself.


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