Bodyscrub & Tom Laws ‘Particles’

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rc035Artist: Bodyscrub & Tom Laws
Title: Particles
Label: Rhythm Converted
Cat #: RC035
Release Date: 12/03/2012
Format: Digital
01 Bodyscrub & Tom Laws – Particle A (Original Mix)
02 Bodyscrub & Tom Laws – Particle B (Original Mix)
03 Bodyscrub & Tom Laws – Particle B (Tom Hades Remix)

Bodyscrub and Tom Laws get together for some down & dirty dark business on Tom Hades’
Rhythm Convert(ed) and it is a bumpy ride indeed!
“Particle A” makes use of a tiny synth snippet all the way through, while the rest of the track delves into murky pits and shadowy soundscapes. “Particle B” heads towards a more subliminal approach, with subtle percussion and eerie samples taking over.

The boss himself remixes “Particle B“, and right off the bat he employs a sneaky bassline and some madly programmed percussion. Adding some industrial sparkle to spice things up, he holds true to the Hades vibe even in this more stripped-down number.


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