Bomb The Bass ‘In The Sun’

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Artist: Bomb The Bass
Title: In The Sun
Label: O Solo Recordings (UK)
Format: Album CD
Cat. #: SOLO104
Release Date: 07 June 2013
1. Wandering Star
2. Just This Universe?
3. Time Falls Apart
4. Bleed Into The Sun
5. Where Better
6. The Fallen
7. We Are All Lost
8. All Alone
9. Cold Outside

‘In The Sun’, the heat-soaked new album from Bomb The Bass, is a slow burning night time record to tantalise the senses. Never ones to stand still, Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy hone their sound to nine dreamy, hypnotic songs that retain their urban edge, with strong rhythmic input from drummer Christian Eigner. With ‘In The Sun’, Simenon and Conboy open another new door in the Bomb The Bass story, the equal of anything they have produced so far.


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