Borai ‘ Dark of The Sun’

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Artist: Borai
Title: Dark of the Sun
Label: Halocyan Records
Formats: 12” & digital
Cat. #: PHC028/ORTC008
Release date: 13 Nov 2017 (Beatport) / 27 Nov 2017 (general)
On the Horizon
Dark of the Sun
Smart Water

Hailing from Bristol, UK, Borai is the progeny of the 90s jungle scene and has spent the last fifteen years careening his musical curiosity through every tile of the dance floor. Borai’s early years were occupied by Bristol’s many record shops as an employee and fan of the culture. While drenching himself in the expansiveness of electronic music history at work, he picked up DJing to bestow his love for jungle, house and dancehall in the area’s clubs.

An obsession with hardware led Borai to craft a slew of his own productions and releases on Tasteful Nudes, Cahoots Records, and BRSTL. With Dark of the Sun, Borai is making his debut on the global cultural beacon Halocyan Records. The record will mark the 8th installment of the label’s Originary Technicity series, which exemplifies ‘techne’ in electronic music.

Dark of the Sun is led by the rolling percussion of On The Horizon, which feeds into the deep, grinding steam engine that is Dark of the Sun and followed by the transcendent bounce of Wetware. The tracks are pressed on Halocyan’s signature 12″ cyan vinyl, and bonus track Smart Water is available on the digital release.


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