Artist: Borealis6596_seraphim
Title: Seraphim, Remixes (FORDrmx2)
Format: transparent, black splatter 12″, digital
Label: Origami Sound
Release Date: Digital 16th March 2012, Physical 30th March 2012
A1. Nightfall (Dominik Eulberg’s ‘Jittery Dawn’ Mix) [11:41]
A2. Nightfall (Liar’s ‘Adrenal Ego Lap’ Mix) [5:23]
B1. Nightfall (Jesse Somfay’s ‘Nightball’ Mix) [12:57]
B2. Nightfall (Ben Lukas Boysen Remix) [3:12]

In light of Borealis’ debut album “Voidness” two collections of 4 remixes each will be coming out both digitally and as limited edition transparent/black splatter 12″s. “Seraphim” presents four visions of Nightfall, one of the strongest pieces of emotional music, leaving little to no reference of the original, album version.

Melodic techno legend Dominik Eulberg kicks things off with a seemingly never-ending ‘anthem’ rendition of the original. Liar delivers a stunning take which is impossible to place into any one genre while also acting as a proper introduction of his subtle, highly eclectic trademark sound. On the B-side, Jesse Somfay (aka Borealis) turns his own work into a flashback-generator for anyone who has a soft spot for epic, early 00s trance. There’s no better way to close things off than through a heartwrenching piano cover, courtesy of Ben Lukas Boysen (aka Hecq).


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