Boris Werner ‘Daymare Dreamer EP’

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BPC327Artist: Boris Werner
Title: Daymare Dreamer EP
Label: BPitch Control
Cat. #: BPC327
Format: 12″ / Digital
Release date: 16.9.16
A1 – Daymare Dreamer feat. Gretz & Rival of Mars
A2 – Dance Of The Hump Back Whale
B1 – Boris Werner & Cinema Royale – King Hassan
B2 – Frustration (No Strings Attached)

Boris Werner returns with ‘Daymare Dreamer EP’ featuring collaborations with noisemaker ‘Gretz & Rival of Mars’ as well as ‘Cinema Royale’ and two fresh solo tracks ‘Dance of the Hump Back Whale’ and ‘Frustration (No Strings Attached’). This EP by Werner, known for his infamous 23 hour DJ set in Amsterdam, kicks off with the title tune ‘Daymare Dreamer’ riding it’s way in at 7min40secs in total for a breezy welcome of classic Werner style house beats. This opening track bubbles with roots influence that fans will be familiar with as well as some slick vocal slices drifting in and out.

This new release comes after many live shows and events including his live set from an old wine bodega. His summer calendar is booked up with international tour dates at some of the most spot on locales for dance floor showdowns.

This wealth of tour experiences, inspiration and excitement can be felt from the jazzy “Dance of the Hump Back Whale’ through to the funky pulsations of ‘Frustration (No Strings Attached). ’King Hassan a track created with ‘Cinema Royale’ features superb 80s style house/electro cow-bell samples, mysterious murky baselines and forward motion keyboard funk.


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