Boris Werner ‘Slow Dancin’ ‘

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GPM196_resizedArtist: Boris Werner
Title: Slow Dancin’ EP
Label: Get Physical
Cat. #: GPM196
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: October 15th (Digital), October 22nd (Vinyl)

1. Slow Dancin’
2. Missing Out (Dedicated to Ed & Emma)
3. Did It In Miami

Boris Werner is known for producing quality music and filling venues with crowds who can’t get enough of his energetic and inspiring sound. These are a couple of the reasons why Boris Werner stands with us here today and proudly presents the Slow Dancin’ EP, and we think you are really gonna love it.

Strings and a relaxed rhythm user in the title track, complete with ambient vocal samples. Then, all at once the bass hits and the kick fills the void; instant groove. A jumpy synth dances over the track and invites friends to the show. Before you know it you’ve got a full track on your hands. Don’t be fooled by the title, as it is indeed misleading. There will be no slow dancing to this gem.

Missing Out (Dedicated to Ed & Emma)‘ is a bit deeper, but with a warm feel (e-piano on reverb). Then, like ‘Slow Dancin”, it catches you off guard with the beat. This is a feel good track, perfect for evenings, deep nights, and early mornings. Not to mention some of the years last open-air festivals.

Did It In Miami‘ opens with caution, an indecisive kick with other percussive elements slowly build into an invigorating tech house beat. Grimy vocal samples creep in and the bass line slips under the beat, holding up the track well on a packed dancefloor.


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