Anthea & Dana Ruh ‘Like A River’

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Artist: Anthea & Dana Ruh
Title: Like A River
Label: Brouqade
Remixers: Van Bonn, Nina Soul
Cat. #: BQD028
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 10th 2013
Distribution: Integroove
1. Like A River (Original Mix)
2. Like A River (Van Bonn Remix)
3. Like A River (Nina Soul Remix)

Anthea and Dana Ruh have defied the merciless winter in their studio, with their new track, “Like A River“, the end result. Clean beats, bathing synths and vocals with telepathic powers drive the track onward, before it unexpectedly changes direction. The river swells until the bank bursts, at which point a torrent of relentless groove emits from the speakers.

A Master of all things dub, Van Bonn plunges the record to new depths, as he breaks his remix down to the bare bones as voices alternate with filtered chords. That he does so without delay and a sledgehammer approach is all the more impressive, as he really does prove here that sometimes less can indeed, mean more. A hypnotic track made for the trippy hours.

Nina Soul‘s remix then grasps the groove of the original and expands on it, sealing the deal with some wonderfully atmospheric flourishes. Like smooth waves, the sound whispers in your ear, wrapping up Brouqade’s latest record with some distinction.

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