Brendon Moeller ‘Wanderer EP’

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Artist: Brendon MoellerEDLX021_CoverArtWorkWeb_400x400
Title: Wanderer EP
Remixer: Jonas Kopp, Tommy Four Seven
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Label: Electric Deluxe
Cat. #: EDLX021
Release Date: Februrary 23rd 2012
Distribution: Wordandsound
Vinyl and Digital:
1. Wanderer (Fuck Yeah Vinyl Mix)
2. Wanderer (Jonas Kopp Remix)
3. Wanderer (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
Digital Only:
4. Wanderer (Digital Only)

Whetting appetites for Works—Brendon Moeller’s ninth studio album and first full-length for Speedy J’s compound
techno stable—Electric Deluxe present Wanderer, with remixes from CLR’s Tommy Four Seven and Argentine vanguard Jonas Kopp.

Since relocating to New York from South Africa, Moeller has spent the last twenty years cultivating his dub techno legacy. As Beat Pharmacy and Echologist he has employed jazz, afrobeat and psychedelic semblances to redefine Basic Channel foundations, whilst producing a stockpile of records under his own name for labels like Echocord, Mule and Third Ear Recordings. In 2009 Moeller launched Steadfast, which has continued to be a platform for his more diverse projects—including the deep house collaboration with Chicago-based Area, as Lightness, and his last Echologist
album, Subterranean.

Taken from Works—Moeller’s idiosyncratic reflection upon “the spirit of techno —”Wanderer” nods to the genre’s dark and industrial side, whilst it’s crashing hats and surging bass allude to Berlin and the artist’s fomented Berghain affiliation. Growling, guttural strata and robotic peals further cement it as one of Moeller’s more dystopian creations and most driving effort to date. Jonas Kopp toughens “Wanderer” into one of his signature marching workouts, sliced with urgent stabs. Tommy Four Seven on the other hand picks up the track’s shimmering melody—at the fore in its pre-mastered state, made available here in digital form—and tousles it with his distinctive bone-crushing beatwork and crunchy, field-generated padding.

The Wanderer EP will also be released on vinyl in an exclusive package with the Album.


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