BFR017Artist: Brothers In Progress & Venditti Bros
Title: Emotionique EP
Label: Blackflag Recordings
Remixers: G-Man, Psykoloco
Cat. #: BFR017
Release Date: 21/04/14
1. Emotionique (Original Mix)
2. Emotionique (G-Man Quo Vadis Style Remix)
3. Scream To Me a Loud (Original Mix)
4. Scream To Me a Loud (Psykoloco Remix)

‘Up next on Blackflag we have Naples’ own Brothers in Progress & Venditti Bros, two duos that are fairly fresh in the scene but at this rate will be here for quite sometime. This smooth EP features quality, sophisticated beats and rhythms that will keep you coming back for more’ – Stacey Pullen

The next Blackflag release keeps it in the family, pitting two brotherly duos against each other (with undeniably strong results), whilst staying true to Stacey Pullen’s philosophy of unearthing the hottest emerging talent in techno and tech-house.

The title track starts off innocently enough, but as the song progresses the brothers expertly weave further percussive elements into the mix, which sits neatly over an irresistible bassline. G-Man’s interpretation is more rhythmically sparse, but adds shimmering stabs and loops to keep things moving.

‘Emotionique’ keeps things as stripped back as possible, with catchy vocal snippets hovering over volleys of congas and shakers. Psykoloco expands upon this by dovetailing peculiar sonic artifacts with an underlying ambient hum, for a truly psychedelic experience.

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