bauns018Artist: Brothers In Progress, Venditti Bros.
Title: Rea Matter
Remixers: Robot Needs Oil, Ben Grunnell
Label: Bauns Music
Cat. #: Bauns018

Release number 18 for Bauns taking on the label a special collaboration between Brother In Progress and Venditti Bros. First duo is formed by two Neapolitans Dj/Producers Pierluigi & Gianluca di Tonto like Brothers In Progress. Also them born in Naples and everybody in the electronic music scene since early 90s. So this brotherhood fusion finally lands on Bauns Music with an EP called “Rea Matter”, including two original tracks and two remixes made by English DJs/Producers Robot Needs Oil and Ben Grunnell.
“Rea Matter” is the original mix made by a deep bassline mixed with a special groovy rhythm, where Tech House feelings and funky vibes are the heart of the dancefloor.
On the second step of the journey we found “Rea Matter” again as special reconstruction made by Robot Needs Oil making a rawest house mix, where dub frequencies meets guitar chords to create an experimental raw Balearic house version.
Back on original matters and is time of “Berlin Tone” third track of the EP, made by a classic combo of kick and upbeat hi hats, rolling percs on background and a latin Tech House mood that the listener can feel in the middle of the track.
Fourth track of the EP is “Berlin Tone” remixed by Ben Grunnell, making a deeper version then the original mix, a groovy bassline is the engine of the opera supported by hi hats and perc tricks. Rhythmic cowbells, vocal surround effects and claps are mixed together to create a special Deep House beat.
Of course a strong project full of new ideas and original music, where unconventional sound is fused with expert producers that are always the main characters on Bauns stage.

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