Butane ‘We Are All Cyborgs Now’

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Artist: Butane8762_we-are-all-cyborgs-now
Title: We Are All Cyborgs Now
Label: Alphahouse
Release Date: 17-Sep-2012
A. Everybody’s Talkin’
B. Hey Hipster

Butane continues to push his sound well beyond the frontiers of trendy dance music with “We Are All Cyborgs Now”, his latest tour-de-force on his own Alphahouse Records imprint. Apparently not interested in assimilation for the sake of popularity, he rather blazes his own wide-cut path towards artistry with two future-techno cuts rife with pointed commentary on the nature of today’s dance music scene.

“Everybody’s Talkin'” is a mutant hybrid of styles for the nostalgic types. Latin percussion and bin-busting bass mingle with an ethereal voice lamenting the passing of the good old days. Throw in one utterly twisted xylophone note that might just send a few partygoers over the edge for good, and you have an open air after-hours anthem in the making.

“Hey Hipster” is a not-so-subtle jab at the newjack hipsters of the dance world who seem content to recycle old ideas, as long as they think they look cool doing it. Deceptively simple, but carrying a heavy hook, the track features a grooving bassline, speaker busting synth stabs, and a brooding male voice admonishing these party parasites for their shallow ways. Listen up kids, this is the sound of the underground. Don’t be fooled, this kind of music is best heard in big dark clubs where mirrors aren’t there for checking out your trendy haircut.


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