Butter Solkim ‘Savaria EP’

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BR-V02_ButterSolkim_CoverArtworkBWebArtists: Butter Solkim
Title: Savaria EP
Remixers: Miklos Vajda
Label: Beytar Records
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: BR-V02 (Vinyl) / BR-05 (Digital)
Release Date: April 3rd, 2015
Distribution: Dance All Day (Vinyl) / Label-Worx (Digital)
A1. Savaria
A2. Savaria (Miklos Vajda remix)
B1. Snowstorm
B2. Snowstorm (Miklos Vajda remix)

The second vinyl release from Betyar Records is Butter Solkim’s Savaria EP, which is the fifth in the row of the publications.
There are four tracks on the vinyl: two original versions and two remixes by Miklos Vajda.
The tracks are still very harmonious, deep and a little melancholic. Anyone who ever listens to this vinyl will be a part of a special journey.
The release is a worthy offspring of the first vinyl published by Betyar Records titled „The Sun Breaks Over the Mountains” by Miklos Vajda.


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