Artist: Eduardo De La Calle
Title: Precursors EP
Label: Cadenza
Cat. #: Cadenza87
Format: 12” vinyl/digital
Release Date: 17th June 2013
A1. Pink Water
B1. Madhusudhana
B2. The Sneak

Cadenza is always committed to bringing new artists and more abstract dance sounds to the forefront, and Eduardo De La Calleʼs Cadenza debut is a terrific example of the forward thinking, musical vision of the label. Having released a steady stream of vinyl 12”s on his Analog Solutions label, the Spanish DJ and producer flexes his other-worldy electronics on Lucianoʼs ten year old imprint.

ʻPink Waterʼ takes a minimal groove and splashes analog drops over a searing synth background, its melancholic melodies snaking in and around the joyous spring reverb FX of the machines, creating a very unique and commanding track.

On the B side, ʻMadhusudhanaʼ is built upon a feint jazz funk loop, with shuffling hats and breathy atmospherics working off the heavy oscillations, coming over like a long lost Planet E release. Third track, ʻThe Sneakʼ, continues the ʻPrecursorsʼ theme of ʻmachine musicʼ, a rubbery beat welcomes in the trippy and psychedelic synth work, a delicate melody plays behind a heavy, groaning wave, pinging against the reverberating hits, providing another memorable and abstract track.

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