Carlo Lio Interview

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Hello Carlo and welcome to Different Grooves!

 Carlo, in the next 6 months what do you have coming up in terms of gigs, projects, studio work, tell us you future plans and tracks ready to be burned?

In terms of gigs, I have some amazing shows I am very excited about. As well its also Ibiza season. Some shows I’m really looking forward to are the SCI+TEC Showcase during sonar, Mystic Garden Festival in Amsterdam, the DO NOT SLEEP events in Ibiza, Carl Cox & Friends in Ibiza, SONUS Festival in Croatia, and B My Lake festival in Hungary and also Music On!! As for productions – I have an EP coming on Kaluki Music, another SCI+TEC EP with DJ Pierre, as well as an EP with Nathan Barato coming on Saved. Not forgetting to add in a few remixes in the pipeline too.

How you get inspiration for your tracks making?

I get inspiration from anywhere and anything. I am very easily inspired person. Whether it’s from other artists and producers music, DJ sets or just being in a great mood. I love what I do, so to find inspiration to do it, is not hard for me.

Regarding the technical side, tell us something about your studio equipment: current set up, something you had in that maybe you need to buy again, something that is marked as wish list item?

Well, my studio at home sadly doesn’t get used too much. Since I am on the road a lot, I really have no choice to resort to a laptop and headphones the majority of the time. I really am into the Native Instruments plugs. REAKTOR is really my go to plug for most of my music these days.

As you maybe know we are Italian based music portal, and of course your name and surname are pretty Italian: reveal to us about your Italian roots and your opinion about Italy and the Italian scene – especially some emphasis on a particular gig you played here?

Yes, both my parents are Italian – born and raised! My father is from Calabria and my mother is from Sicilia. I love playing in Italy. Its easily one of my top spots hands down! I love the country, I love the food and the people are the best to play for. The really love the music and their energy is next level.

Is any Italian DJ/producer you really like and follow?

Of course, there are too many to name. Italian talent is untouchable. Always have a lot of respect for Marco Carola and Capriati. But really the list goes on and on……

Last but not least, summer at the door, do you have any residencies or gigs that you’re looking forward to the most in Ibiza?

Yes, you can find me at Carl Cox & Friends, MUSIC ON, Do Not SLEEP, and Materia. Looking out to be a great summer.


Thank Carlo, was a pleasure to spend some time with you!


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