February 17 and 18, 2018

Las Estacas, Morelos

There is a magical place, it is called Bahidora.




Since 2012, Las Estacas, in the state of Morelos, has become home and witness to an extraordinary annual celebration. Together, by means of discovery, union, inclusion and freedom, we have achieved a unique collective experience in Mexico: El Carnaval de Bahidorá.

Bahidorá is an integral project that is continuously developing. Thanks to a growing demand from audiences, artists and fans; and a will to continue building bridges for exchange and creation, we are now able to celebrate the sixth edition of this unique music festival. Through transforming collective experiences, art and music curatorship, the sustainability and responsible consumption programs; and the constant promotion of a positive global and conscious culture, El Carnaval de Bahidora keeps  providing platforms in Mexico for expression, culture and communities.

#LlamadoBahidorá has been heard again.

For the sixth edition of El Carnaval, we want to share with all our guests one more year of this magical experience.



  • ¡Dates announced!

The next edition of El Carnaval de Bahidorá will take place on February 17 & 18, 2018.

Furthermore, all assistants with a camping or Hotel Bahidorá ticket will be able to enjoy “El Umbral”: a warm up party right before El Carnaval on February 16th.

  • ¡Early Bird Tickets now on sale!

The tickets for the sixth edition of El Carnaval de Bahidorá are now available at:

General Access 3 DAYS
Early Bird $1,150
Phase 1 $1,350
Phase 2 $1,650
Phase 3 $1,950


  • $600.00

Camp Kuma – Prebuilt Camp (Rent-a-tent)

  • Double tent: $1,800.00
  • Quadruple tent: $3,200.00


  • $420.00

*Includes roundtrip: CDMX- Las Estacas –CDMX

Available at:


  • Double room / 2 beds: $ 4,500.00
  • Double room / 1 king: $ 4,500.00
  • Suite with pool: $ 5,700.00
  • Quadruple room: $ 8,900.00
  • Quadruple room + couch: $ 10,400.00


  • Double room / 2 beds: $ 6,100.00
  • Double room / 1 king: $ 6,100.00
  • Suite with pool: $ 7,700.00
  • Quadruple room: $ 11,000.00
  • Quadruple room + couch: $ 13,000.00

General access, camping and transportation tickets can be acquired through physical selling points as well:


  • Cancino Cibeles
  • Tomás
  • Forever Vegano
  • Cracovia 32
  • La Celestina
  • Moshi Moshi
  • ¡Extended party and more space!

The day before El Carnaval, on February 16th, we will have our warm up party in El Umbral with top quality international talent. This party will be exclusively for those who have camping or Hotel Bahidorá tickets. For everyone else, Carnaval de Bahidorá starts Saturday 17th February, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

This year the festival will have broader and more comfortable camping areas, more musical (and non-musical) activities, and new areas for the enjoyment and comfort of the bahidorian family.

In need of more information?

  • Find here our carnival guide, with all the relevant information about Carnaval de Bahidorá. LINK


Carnaval de Bahidorá’s experience begins in camping. Besides the advantage of being two steps away from the river and the carnival, the camp will provide safe green spaces, more private showers, easier access to bathrooms, lockers and dining rooms.

  • Camp Kuma – Rent-a-tent

This year we introduced the new modality of pre-built tents, where you can forget about all the hassle and start El Carnaval the minute you lay your feet in “Las Estacas”.

You and your friends can now rent a double or quadruple tent, built and equipped with mats.

  • Bahidorá Hotel: A comfortable option close to the carnival.

If camping is not your thing, El Carnaval will offer nice and cozy rooms inside the enigmatic Hotel Bahidorá. (Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc)

Sustainable Bahidorá


We are committed with a sustainable carnival.

El Carnaval de Bahidorá is also a place to question individual and collective practices that affect the environment in a radical way. We want to propose a model for a more sustainable event that assumes its responsibility with the negative environmental and social impact that, because of its size, it is able to generate.

This is the reason why the carnival has assumed a strict sustainability program that considers and regulates all the fundamental activities that occur within the event. We also invite all our guests to assume an active role in the decrease of the environmental impact.

To get to know all the details of this program, go to:,  

Start up your carnival experience with this Spotify playlist that we have created for you with the best artists of Bahidora’s last editions:

 #LlamadoBahidorá has been heard again!

See you in February



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