DG Premiere

Australia based Unknown Records is set to release “Jungle Mind”, a two track release made by the Nine Two Five (925) duo. The track “Absolution” is a great tech house piece, infected with a tribal influence and built with a dancefloor oriented structure. More info: @nine-two-five-925 @unknown-records-2

India based dj and producers Ash Roy and Kount debut on Ballroom Records with “Hiss & Miss EP”, a two track release that features two strong originals. “Hiss” is catchy because its electro-like synths, and also the creative use of the sounds in the drop. More info: @ash-roy @kountofficial @ballroomberlin

Fabio Neural appears again on Intec Digital with a two track release titled “Shy EP”. The second track “Whatever” reveals a hipnotic nature, its loopy main drum loop is surrounded with a long decayed vocal and a robotoid pad sound. More info: @fabioneural @intec-digital

Argentina based producer Rhombic debuts on DEAD CERT. Records with “Inertia”, a four track release that features Robert S (PT) and Caremajor as remixers. “Radon” is the main track of the release, it has been built around a few number of elements, which create a mesmerizing sensation. More...

Jeremy Stott and Rustek make a great appearance on Renesaz with “Dark Eyes EP”, delivering some fine and solid techno productions. More info: @jeremy-stott @rustekmusic @renesanzrecords

Luca Radez debuts with his first release on Knostra Music, it’s titled “Last Call EP” and the title track is a hot production, perfectly in line with the style proposed by the label. More info: @luca-radez @knostra-music

Jacobi from the Housekeeeping collective releases his first EP on Housekeeping Records, the “Best Friend, Worst Enemy” EP, which features a remix by Timo Maas, and another original song. The title track is a charming and pleasant production, where tech house, tribal and progressive styles have been melt...

In occasion of the Bedrock Frequencies publication, a 3 CD compilation that features only exclusive tracks, we had the pleasure to premiere one of these tracks. The track is “Flying Dishes” made by the italian duo Fideles, they get recognized for their unique style and had the occasion to get featured on many important...

Andrea Frisina’s “Strings Of Earth” is the single to be out on Gate Null Recordings. The track mixes heavy drums with charming strings, these have been used in the introduction and in the middle drop. The final result is fabulous, and makes the whole production really interesting. More info: @andreafrisinadj @gatenull

Forthcoming on Get Twisted Records, Curtis Gabriel’s “Deja Vu” is a solid and mind blowing tech house cut, a track that perfectly recalls the style of the Sheffield based producer. More info: @curtisgabrielmusic @gettwistedrecords