Cavalerra feat. Joaquin ‘Spectrum’

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Artist: Cavalerra feat. Joaquinbrq87_CoverArtworkWeb
Title: Spectrum
Format: Digital
Label: broque
Cat. #: BRQ87
Release Date: December 1st, 2012
Distribution: Beatport
1. carried to end (non atmospheric)
2. black snow (cavalerra only)
3. complete the circuit (cavalerra only)
4. acoustic microscopy
5. vision

The last Broque release of this year necessarily had to be something special. Thus, our old mate Max Cavalerra teamed up with Joaquin, a surprise guest about whom we know nothing more than you: his alias. That gives the whole EP a mystical touch and makes it even more exciting. Max’ friends are our friends. And with such a great EP as “Into A Spectrum”, we have no reason at all for questioning and blindly trust the guys without any doubts. The five new tracks perfectly follow Max’ footsteps, well-known from his releases on Harthouse, Karmarouge or Parasound, and excite us with a highly original yet functional combination of dark machine techno sounds and glowing neo-trance influences, all meshed up in wide echo chambers with swinging and multi-layered grooves. Indeed, these tracks leave no room or reason for doubts or questions. Thanks Max and Joaquin for this wonderful EP. What better way to slowly bring this fantastic year for Broque to an end.


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