Graphs “Posthuman”

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Artist: GraphsCBR010-labels-B-web
Title: Posthuman
Label: Cosmic Bridge Records
Cat. #: CBR010
Formats: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: December 14th 2014
A1. Posthuman
A2. Falling Inward
B1. Broken Legs
B2. Sever The Heart

Dope drum ‘n’ bass release on Cosmic Bridge Records, four tracks filled with up to date sonorities and a huge amount of sorrounding sounds that create for each track a particular athosphere, able to evocate intense sensations and emotional suggestions.
The UK “school” is very recognizable on “Posthuman” because the kind of synths used, major artist like dBridge opened the street to this genre and its audience is getting wider, getting in touch and absorbing other influences from Bass music for example.
Well done!


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