Nandu “Love You Till The End”

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After the appearance on OFF Recordings in April 2016 with “Glömde”, Nandu debuts on Constant Circle with a peculiar and delicate album.
“Love You Till The End” has no vanity: it sounds pure, emotive and a little bit melancholic, the vocals and chants are a fundamental part of these tracks, they have the ability to make the productions happier or dark and gloomy. Sometimes the whole sound can appear atypical, but probably that’s one of the strong point of the album, which makes it very catchy.

Constant Circles – July 2016
01. Untrivial
02. Du
03. Darkness
04. Love You Till The End
05. Crush
06. Don’t Look
07. Dawn
08. Stille
09. Lights Off
10. Blame
11. Storm
12. Shadow
13. My Kind
14. The End

Special minimix:

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