Artists: The Martinez Brothers & Mass Prod
Title: E’s Demise / The Hat Trick
Label: Not On Label (white label)
Cat. #: CH000
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: Early September, 2013
A1 E’s Demise
B1 The Hat Trick

New York’s house music prodigies are back with a brand new EP that embodies the ideals of a bygone era, imbued with the spirit of the 21st Century. The Martinez Brothers team up with Mass Prod to bring it raw and uncut with two new tracks inspired by that dark, ‘anything goes’ atmosphere that can only be found in the world’s best underground venues. Uncompromising, experimental sound and stripped down to its bare essentials, this is raw, honest house and techno

On these tracks, which will only be released on a limited run of 300 white label, vinyl-only pressings, the brothers bypass post-production and computers to go back to the essence and instill a raw, tight vibe into their music triggering the drums and samples through an MPC, 808 and 909. It’s an old-fashioned approach that gives an untainted, gritty feel to the tracks, though this is not a revivalist EP – a contemporary feeling is abundant throughout thanks to the addition of effects and harmonizers.

Both tracks are essentially DJ tools, with peak-time in mind – there are no breaks, the groove on both is flat – they’ve been produced with the notion that they will be mixed with other more musical productions. Take E’s Demise, with its grumbling bassline and menacing ultra pitched-down vocal – the percussive elements are minimal; a kick, some claps and subtle cymbals, ever-present yet never too overpowering. There are no peaks or troughs, just a constant repeated pattern from beginning to end, which is where its deadly power lies. Meanwhile The Hat Trick follows in a similar vein, a kick and a snare supporting a fidgety, stuttering set of effects and a simplistic sample over the course of 10 minutes. The effect of both productions is intense, absorbing and relentless – their sheer simplicity alone providing the perfect artillery for DJs to send dancefloors into a frenzy.

Rough, rugged and intoxicating this EP is a further demonstration of the brothers’ dexterity in the studio and their commitment to the essence of underground music. Chris, Steve and Mass Prod keep it strictly for the heads on this very limited release, which is bound to sell out immediately. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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