Charles Fenckler Interview

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Hi Charles and welcome to Diffeent Grooves
Yo Different Grooves, thanks for having me.

You are really young, but a fresh album is already on your belt: tells us something behind the creation of ‘Diving from The Void’?
To be honest, that was hard. The production of the album lasted more than a year and a half; it took me a lot of time to complete it. Making a first album was a complex new exercise as I did not want to release a pack of 11 « big room techno ». I needed to tell a new story translated into the tracks and I hope it worked. Whatever it be I’m proud to have faced this challenge.

When you decide to being this musical journey and start to think about it?
Soma put the idea on the table at the very beginning of our relationships and it was impossible for me to refuse. I was already honoured to have an EP release on this mythic label so I was super happy to also had the chance to release an entire album.

Did you used something particular or special like some analogue stuff or digital deep one during the album studio work?
I used all my Aira Roland materiel, several effect pedals plus my different synthesizers and VST.

The album is going to be released on a pillar imprint of the market like Soma, how your cooperation with the Scottish label begins?
When I started making music about a couple of years ago I sent my demos to a few labels including Soma Records but I really did not expect I would get an answer from them. I was only starting while they were here from the 90’s and I’m feeling really lucky they liked the music. Right after we started talking about me signing on the label and that’s pretty much how we get the story started.
Your next 6 months in the studio: tell us your next releases ready to be burned and your future protects?
I’m already making new music as I will have more Eps coming on Soma in 2017 and I will also start working on a few remix projects.

Regarding the dj side, tell us your favourite gig and the worst one since the early being of your career?
The best was at Factory010 in Rotterdam. The event was dope and the energy there was crazy. Obviously some gigs are better than the others but I don’t think I already have a bad experience. So far I only have good memories from my sets. I hope this vibe will continue haha.
Is any particular gig you are going to attend in the next months?
What got me really excited at the moment is my next Soma 25th gig on December 30th. I already had the chance to play at many of the Soma 25 but this one is particular as it will be in Glasgow for Soma’s own « Pressure » event and Jeff Mills will also be playing. He’s one of my favourite artists.

Last but not least: from who, or what, or whatever you take inspiration on your musical approach?
Hard question. What I can say is I’m trying to listen many different musical genres but I don’t really think of it.

It was a pleasure to spend quality time with you, thank you very much!
Pleasure is mine.


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