Charlotte de Witte Interview

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This week we had the pleasure to chat with Charlotte de Witte, a respectable techno dj and producer who just released her “Trip EP” via OFF Recordings.

– Thanks for joining us Charlotte! How are you doing?

Thank you for having me! I’m really good actually. Festival season has come to an end and I’m quite excited for the new club season. Even though I love playing on festivals because it brings such a unique atmosphere, I’m also very fond of playing in dark, raw clubs. It’s like living in another dimension.

– Looking back to the past year, what have you done up to 2016?

I think 2016 has treated me very well! I’m so grateful that I got to release music on labels which I’ve been following for years now. Doing so has opened a lot of doors for me. I always loved travelling. Meeting other people, listening to their stories and tasting their culture fascinates me. I was fortunate enough to get bookings all over Western Europe, but also Turkey and Israel. I went on my first North American Tour this year in July, and even though it was very intense (I had 4 gigs in 3 days), I loved every single minute of it.

– Your release “Trip EP” is out now. What can you tell us about the creative process behind it?

I always liked stripped tracks. The monotonous, repetitive, yet interesting tracks with elements gradually changing throughout, following the “less is more” principle. I also love working with vocals because they can create a sort of hypnotic tool in the track, a trip.

When I heard the vocals used in “Trip”, I immediately fell in love with them and I instantly knew what to do with it. I wanted to create a contrast between the aggressive low end in the track – and the swift, carefully approached, hypnotic lead, combined with the captivating effect of those vocals. This track gives me the feeling of being scared of something and wanting to run away but at the same being in complete control of the situation; on top of things.

The same goes for “Repeat”. I wanted to create a very repetitive, toolish techno track. That the more you hear it, the more it gets to you.

– Why did you choose Cari Lekebush and TWR72 as remixers?

I’ve met Cari two years ago when I invited him, together with Hans Bouffmyhre, for the first edition of my techno concept called KNTXT, hosted in Fuse, Brussels. A couple of months later, I went over to say hi when he was playing in Kompass in Ghent and we basically stayed in touch ever since. He’s an amazing person to be around and has a wonderful personality. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of his percussive approach on techno music and he did an amazing job remixing “Trip”. I’ve been playing that remix everywhere during summer and people just love it.

I’ve known Tom and Roger from TWR72 for several years now. We played together a couple of times in the past and I was always very impressed by their DJ sets. To me, they were always a great source of inspiration: how to handle my next sets and even how to improve my production skills. Their label, Float Records, is going strong and they’re both just extremely talented. I count them among my friends so I’m very happy they wanted to be part of this EP.

– How did the connection with OFF Recordings come about?

I had a Skype call with Andre and Guillaume a couple of months ago, in the beginning of 2016. They heard my EP on Turbo Recordings and were interested in working together, which of course, was great news to me! We kept in touch throughout the months: I got the chance to remix one of Andre’s tracks called “Jaunde”, was invited for their OFF Recordings night during OFF Sonar in Barcelona and that’s how everything basically happened. It all went very naturally and smooth. When I sent them Trip they immediately responded that they were willing to release it. Repeat followed shortly. I’m very grateful for their support and the opportunities they gave me since the beginning.

– Have you got any forthcoming projects you want to tell us about?

Hm. I do have quite a lot of things coming up! I’ve made a remix for Taster Peter, label boss from Extravaganza, that’ll get released on October 28th. There’s also another EP coming up soon but I’m afraid I can’t tell you more about this now.. Even though I really, really want to!

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Thanks again very much having me. The pleasure was all mine!

“Trip EP” is out now on OFF Recordings.

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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