Chmmr ‘Auto’

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Artist: Chmmr
Title: Auto
Label: Full Pupp (NO)
Format: Album CD
Cat. #: FPCD013
Release Date: 28 April 2017
1. Chmmr – Don’t Be A Stranger
2. Chmmr – Nine Chains To The Moon
3. Chmmr – WALL-Y
4. Chmmr – 0x60
5. Chmmr – Media Vision
6. Chmmr – Vim’s Theme
7. Chmmr – New Slam
8. Chmmr – Alles City Beat
9. Chmmr – *Pretty Space*
10. Chmmr – Welcome Onboard

Having come up with various 12″s since 2010, Chmmr set aside the spring of 2017 to challenge himself to a new format: a full-length album. A true nostalgic, he uses Compass Point-era and early Italo sounds for inspiration and attempts to simulate these styles. This makes for a melodic album that belongs a little more in the living room than on the dance floor. With 10 tracks of dusty rhythms and the themes that is Brenden’s signature, it’s a record designed to signal that today’s technological future may not be as different as yesterday’s.


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