Artist: Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez
Lotus Seven
Label: Apollonia
Formats: Vinyl, MP3
Cat. #: APO05 / APO06

Track 01 5000 WATTS 6:10 (A1)
Track 04 Disco Remodel 7:01 (A2)
Track 05 Island Breeze 7:34 (B1)
Interlude 04 Wonki Wonka 1:30 (B2)
Track 02 Keep it Movin’ 7:56 (C1)
Track 03 Astronomers Dream 6:23 (C2)
Track 08 Lotus Seven 7:46 (D1)
Interlude 06 Finger Story 2:20 (D2)

Less than a year old, the newly formed label Apollonia presents its debut album release

Inviting you on an imaginary journey in their Lotus Seven, a road trip back to ‘90s San Francisco takes Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez on a musical mission, stopping for hip hop style smokes, disco jams and soul-warming joints on the beach; this is an exploration through their colourful inspirations and rhythmic upbringing.

With ‘Lotus Seven’, Chris Carrier and Hector Morale, two of house music’s finest producers create a timeless body of music that goes beyond the tight beats they are known and praised for. Across 14 cuts, house meets hip hop and is infused with everything that comes in between, as the pair’s versatile approach is sewn together with old skool samples and nostalgic vocals.

Cuts like ‘Astronomers Dream’ perfectly demonstrate their hip hop roots given a house twist, intertwining breakbeat with a 4/4 kick, while ‘Keep On Moving’ stays true to the San Francisco sound they have taken much inspiration from when creating classic deep house. Along a similar warm tone but given a soulful groove with an uplifting vocal sample is ‘Island Breeze’, likewise it’s the vocal on ‘Disco Remodel’ that makes the track, with a diva melody over a funky baseline. Not limiting themselves to sampling, Moralez experiments with his own voice to full effect on ‘5000 Watts’, becoming a humorous storyteller on the dance cut. Woven together with substantial interludes, the individual tracks piece together a journey through the pair’s extensive musical tastes and styles.

The duo first met in 2002 through a partiality for fine herbs and an avid love of ‘90s San Francisco house and produced their first EP together shortly afterwards, the hit ‘The Acid’ on Robsoul Recordings.

There’s no doubt that Chris Carrier is one of the most consistent and certainly most driven producers on the underground house scene today, producing more than 500 tracks over the past 18 years, whilst running his label Adult Only releasing the likes of Phil Weeks, Dan Ghenacia, DJ W!LD and Dyed Soundorom. On the other side of the ocean, Moralez has rapidly carved out a reputation of his own, starting off at the renowned Primal Records before partnering up with Phil Weeks under the moniker Fries and Bridges, as well as managing his own imprints Minority Music and The Factory. A move to Paris for Moralez in 2010 meant the pair finally had the time to produce an LP together, and so the indulgent smoky sessions in Carrier’s studio could commence.

‘Lotus Seven’ is the inaugural album release on Apollonia, the house label launched earlier this year by Parisian friends Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. Citing Chris Carrier as a long term favourite artist, top beat maker, and playing a part in the ignition of his own producing career, Ghenacia felt very in tune with the project and had the tracks on repeat from the first listen. “There is everything on this album; jazz, hip hop, techno, acid, dancefloor tracks to slow interludes. They have managed to achieve all of this, but most importantly in the right balance. As an electronic album it really works because it is something you can easily listen to at home, as well as being loaded with dancefloor weapons.”


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