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chrisfinkeWhat advice would you give to a young producer that would like to emerge in this current electronic music scene? Are there any young talents that you are supporting that you would like to talk about?

I think the way the music is going now, they just have to do their own thing and not get caught up too much trying to make music to fit a specific sound or label. There are so many new guys coming through which are really nailing it at the minute. Out of the new guys, Tessela is making some amazing stuff that i’m playing loads of, really big party tracks with a different edge. Tom Dicicco is really coming through as well, definiyely one to watch. I’m working with him on some tracks and they are sounding very strong, so looking forward to where we go with that project. The Ear To Ground guys Gareth, Dax and Chris are really on it as well, really pushing the London techno thing. On a slightly different angle, i’ve been blown away by what i’ve heard from Kodiak and Bobby Tank who are both killing it with what they are doing.

Briefly describe your standard performance setup for dj sets and live sets. Why does it work better for you? How did the new digital tecnologies influence your dj set/live performance work?

I went from using Serato with vinyl to using the Traktor S4 Kontrol about 6 months ago. I loved using turntables but was fed up of getting to a gig and the decks not working which was happening more often than not. Its a shame but it got to the stage where I had to make a decision. The S4 is an amazing bit of technology in the right hands. It enables me to turn what i’m doing into much more of a live performance. Its the best fun I have had DJing for years, I love it!

Which of your releases has given you the most satisfaction and why?

Ones that stand out for me were Petrolbomb and Shut That Door, both of which got huge support from so many DJs and reviewers. I get asked for both of them all the time when im playing which is great. And now of course the Mote Evolver release which is on such a cool label. There is something I have just finished which is going to be the big one though, so keep your ears open for that…you’ll know it when you hear it!

Your last release, a great 4 hands work with a close mate of us, Bas Mooy.  is ready to be released on Mote Evolver label. Please tell us something special and particular about it, and maybe some interesting fact behind this work.

Well I just sent the tracks to Luke to play in his sets and he got in touch and asked if he could release them which was really cool. I’m good friends with Bas Mooy who is on the release as well which is a nice touch. I suppose my tracks reflect different sides of what I do with techno – one is a big-room noisy jacking techno track and the other is a deep and moody goover. They have both been really well recieved, and Bas’s tracks are great so im really pleased with the release overall.

Tell us about your studio, which sequencers do you use? With what hardware/software do you mainly work? What machine would you consider the best part of your kit?

I use Logic for sequencing and I’m about to get something else to program drums on as that’s something im really interested in. I’ve been Omnisphere a lot recently which is an amazing synth and also started sampling again after a long time which is really fun.

Describe the underground scene in the country you live in, England. Do you have a lot of movement going on there? Are there any djs and producers “on fire” at the moment?

The UK is a strange and interesting place for things right now. There are so many small scale parties doing great things and coming up, and its good to see some really great little collectives starting labels and running nights. Musically the UK has been overshadowed by Berlin for the last few years, but thibgs are strong and I think over the next year we are going to be back at the forefront of techno again. The UK has always had a love/hate relationship with techno and its great that the bass scene is really opening up to the music as its helping get the sound over to new audiences. Exciting times!

What are your future plans? Do you have any new releases that you would like to tell us about?

Yes I have lots of exciting things coming up. I have just finished an EP on Hidden recordings from New York which which shows different angles to my music. One is a heavy techno roller and the other is an upbeat Detroit style track. I’ve got an EP coming out on Ear To Ground. Both of those releases have some amazing remixers working on the tracks as well so im really happy. I’ve also just finished what could be my biggest track to date for Psycatron’s label Inflyte which I am so excited about. Its something very different and just had some great news about what’s happening with it so it’ll be even better. I wish I could say more right now but its a bit of a secret….

Pick one record each that has changed your life and opened to your view the world of electronic music and let us know why.

Something that i fell in love with when I first heard it (Laurent Garnier was the man playing it at the time), was “Amazon” by Galaxy 2 Galaxy (Underground Resistance). It’s got it all; intense rolling bassline, crazy breakbeats and one of the most emotional synth melodies in electronic music. Oh, and animal noises. Yes!

How do you think the techno music market is evolving over the years? Did the new digital market take down the general musical level to your opinion?

There is absolutely no doubt that the overall standard of the amount of music released has gone downhill since digital labels started up. Anyone can now release “music” on a “record label”, the result being thousands of throwaway DJ tools being released each week. However, the upside of it is that I think there is more genuinely great music being made as well (as there are so many more producers now). Its a numbers game really on both sides. It’s there, you just have to look harder for it than you used to! Its also great to see so many “vinyl only” labels doing it totally for the love of music. Very often these releases lose money and its a testament to those running the labels to keep going.

What can we expect from Chris Finke’ sound in the future?

I’m making a lot of music at the minute and my sound is constantly shifting. I’m working on a very different project which may see the light of day soon (under a different name), but for the techno stuff, im incorproating different styles and really trying to kep things moving and unpredictable. Overall i’m having a lot of fun making music right now and I think its really started to come out in the music.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts.

Thanks for having me here, repect to all your followers!

Interview by Gabriele Gilleri [Different Grooves]


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