rc043Artist: Chris Hope & Andre Walter
Title: Mental Disorder
Label: Rhythm Converted
Cat #: RC043
Release Date: 20/08/2012
Format: Digital / Vinyl
01 Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Mental Disorder (Original Mix)
02 Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Mental Disorder (Sutter Cane Remix)
03 Chris Hope & Andre Walter – Running Back (Original Mix)

This package from the boys couldn’t be more aptly titled, as we are definitely flying over the cuckoo’s nest after being sucked in to their warped world.
The title track is tense, to say the least, with soaring synths reminding us of the post-apocalyptic vibe. Dragged-out synth lines make their appearance, and the icing on the meth cake is the varispeed manipulation.

Sutter Cane‘s version brings the militant drums, while a crunchy rhythm section grinds away and driving hats come in to complete the picture.

On “Running Back” we are introduced to some shuffling darkness laced with buzzing, off-kilter synth work. And to hold it all together, intense stabs pierce the midnight air.


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