Christian Löffler ‘A Forest’

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Artist: Christian Löffler7049_forest
Title: A Forest
Format: 2xLP/CD
Cat. #: Ki-LP02
Label: Ki Records
Distribution: Kompakt, DE
Release Date: 18.06.2012
01. A Forest
02. Pale Skin
03. Eleven feat. Mohna
04. Ash & Snow
05. Feelharmonia feat. Gry
06. Signals
07. Blind
08. Eisberg (Hemal)
09. Field
10. Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff
11. A Hundred Lights
12. Slowlights

Christian Löffler is co-founder of Ki Records and well known for his intense, deep moving sound with melancholic undertones. He started to play music at the age of 14. But living in a secluded region near the Baltic Sea, without a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. After several stunning releases for Ki and Orphaner, the imprint of Dial’s co-founder Pawel, his debut ‘A Forest’ is now being released through Ki.

His music signifies an upward curve of rising intensity from which everything non-essential drops away. Whereat essential is meant in the sense of introspective. If the kick drum thuds along reasonably unassuming in the beginning of a track, it is already withdrawn into itself. Dancing, sure, but with one foot in a dream. There is the always emerging crackling, surrounding the arriving and surrounding what has been, floating, like almost absent into each other collapsing chords, circling around a sphere which is nearly beyond the music – a sphere that only pertains me, the listener, and which I hadn’t known without this music. And these like seagulls chopping hi-hats, or like a heavy sea beating bass lines, rolling back and forth in almost oblique of beauty hanging clearings.

A FOREST, for example, casts somewhat Tejada-esque shadows but without the timpani, only with meandering delay. And yes you do remember the sunlight of tomorrow when you hear BLIND or FIELD. Or SIGNALS, a track on which Arvo Pärt could have been the force behind and whose Tintinnabuli (bell) style connects on it with the dance floor in the most beautiful way. Not only raises it the volume, but also warms the heart.


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